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ePortfolio-Honors College Initiative

We are teaming up with the Honors College to enhance the Pace experience with ePortfolio!  The kickoff event on October 16th will be led by eTerns, who will introduce the Honors-ePortfolio initiative. Through this demonstration we hope Honors students will be inspired to use ePortfolio to track honors progress, events, courses, and involvement.  Here is a sample page for students who are looking for a place to start.  We will also announce the Honors track for the annual Spring ePortfolio Contest, which will have an enhanced prize.

PacePrep 2013: Entryway to ePortfolio

This past summer, incoming freshmen to Pace University were introduced to ePortfolio through the PacePrep program. During the five week online course, students engaged with each other through ePortfolio’s wall and feedback features, and uploaded coursework to their English, communications, math, and biology modules. Several students posted their work, including images and wordles, on their ePortfolios. Besides completing their “Academic Materials” page, some students uploaded their resume, reflected on their past and current extracurricular activities, and described their interests, goals, and skills. Samples of exceptional PacePrep ePortfolios can been seen in this Slideshare presentation!

Rianna Chase, a PacePrep user, believes the program gave her an advantage: “After completing the course, I can definitely say that it has benefited me a lot. I was able to brush up on my basic academic skills and even learn about different career fields and their majors.” By exposing students to university academics and fostering an online community, the PacePrep program helped students build their confidence for the upcoming school year.

October Mahara User Group Meeting

Our MUG meeting will be on Tuesday, October 8th at 3pm
It will be virtual! (link to come)

Advisory Board Meeting Fall 2013

Teaching Circle Dates

• PLV:
- Wed, Oct. 9- Goldstein; G200: 12-1:30pm, 2013
- Wed, Nov. 6- Goldstein; G200: 12-1:30pm, 2013
- Wed, Dec. 11- Goldstein; G200: 12-1:30pm, 2013

• NYC:
- Tues, Oct. 15, 12-1:30pm, Boardroom N, 2013
- Tues, Nov. 12, 12-1:30pm, Boardroom N&S, 2013
- Tues, Dec. 10, 12-1:30pm, Boardroom N, 2013

If you are interested in attending, please download the application from this link and email it to segan@pace.edu

Mahara 1.7 Updates

Over the summer our Mahara ePortfolio platform underwent an upgrade which brought several new features. New features include:

• The ability to share pages and collections with specific users:
There is a new page called ‘Shared with me.’ This page lists all of the pages that users have shared with you.  There is also a page called ‘Shared by me.’ This page lists the pages that you have shared with other users. 

• Retractability:
Users can collapse and uncollapse blocks on their ePortfolio pages.  This can be done on blocks that utilize pictures, files or documents for download

• Ability to add a journal entry directly from an ePortfolio page: 
You no longer need to leave the page in order to add to your journal, however the journal must already be on your page in order to be edited.

In this video, Adam walks users through the new features.

This Semester We Welcome Two New eTerns to the ePortfolio Team!

PLV: Heidi Clorofilla is an English Communications major sophomore at Pace University’s Pleasantville campus. She commutes from Mahopac, New York in Putnam County. In her spare time Heidi enjoys writing short stories, folding origami cranes, playing computer games, going to concerts, and spending time with friends. Heidi is also the President of the Beta Eta chapter of Lambda Sigma at Pace.

NYC: Nelli Agbulos is a Political Science and Women’s and Gender Studies major at Pace University’s New York City campus. Her hobbies and interests include visual arts, philanthropy, Batman, and global affairs. In addition to working as an eTern, her other school activities include Lambda Sigma, being an editor for the Honors College Newsletter, and writing for The Pace Press.